NEW TO TOURING: Marcia and John Holbrook, of Hobart, with furry friend. Pictures: NEIL RICHARDSON. (1/2)”I love everything about it because it’s all different,” she said.
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Mrs Collings has been in the State for four weeks and has enjoyed the club rally.

“This is our first time down here and we have enjoyed it very much. It has all been terrific,” she said.

Mrs Collings intends to do more sight-seeing in Tasmania with her husband after the rally before returning home to NSW.

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Danish duo follow tall order

TASMANIAN LINK: Danish travellers Nina Baron and David Enghuus are finding out all about their princess-to-be’s home State. Picture: TIM HUGHESMiss Baron, 20, and Mr Enghuus, 21, are on a working holiday in the State, helping out on the tall ship Windeward Bound at Low Head.
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“We both like to sail on tall ships, and we wanted to see the world,” Miss Baron said.

“We came to Tasmania after spending half a year studying and sailing on an educational tall ship called The Denmark in Copenhagen.”

A search on the Internet for information about other tall ships they could work on led the couple to Tasmania and the Windeward Bound.

Miss Baron said that the forthcoming royal wedding in Denmark between Prince Frederick and Tasmania’s Mary Donaldson was a big event and was figuring prominently in their news.

“My grandmother was excited when she heard I was coming to Tasmania, where Mary is from,” she said.

But “the royal family and wedding is more important to the older generation in Denmark than to the younger people”, both agreed.

They knew very little about Tasmania before their arrival but have spent time travelling and sightseeing.

“It’s beautiful nature down here. You can drive for two hours and be in the bush or a rainforest,” Mr Enghuus said.

“I’m amazed how friendly the people are. You meet people on the street and they just talk to you, which is really nice.”

Miss Baron will head home to Copenhagen in August to start university study but Mr Enghuus intends to spend a year travelling the world.

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Funding to boost radio services

Senator John Watson yesterday announced that funding up to $24,590 had been approved to upgrade reception of RG Capital Radio’s radio 7SD signal into the St Helens area.
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The funding will assist RG Capital Radio with capital costs related to equipment, installation, site establishment and licence fees.

Senator Watson said that the upgrade would improve the 7SD signal into the St Helens area, which is one of the fastest-growing population centres in the State.

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‘Possible criminal offence’ in union raids

Leanne Close refused to say if government ministers including Michaelia Cash had assisted police.The Australian Federal Police believes a criminal offence may have been committed in relation to leaks about raids on union premises linked to Jobs Minister Michaelia Cash’s office.

The AFP has referred evidence to the commonwealth prosecutor after investigating raids on Australian Workers’ Union headquarters in Sydney and Melbourne last October.

“We do believe an offence may have been committed,” AFP deputy commissioner Leanne Close told a Senate hearing on Friday.

The AFP is investigating the leak of information which led to media being tipped off and arriving before police raiding the offices.

Ms Close said dozens of people had been interviewed during the investigation, but refused to say if government ministers including Senator Cash had assisted police.

AFP officers raided the union offices last year as part of an investigation by the Registered Organisations Commission.

One of Senator Cash’s media advisers quit after admitting to informing media about the raids.

Under questioning from Labor senator Murray Watt, Ms Close said it could jeopardise the investigation if she confirmed or denied if ministers had been interviewed.

She also declined to detail what crimes may have been committed and how many people could be implicated.

Liberal senator and committee chair Ian Macdonald said the AFP’s refusal to rule out investigating Senator Cash proved nothing.

The minister has also claimed public interest immunity in answering questions over whether she has been investigated.

Labor’s workplace relations spokesman Brendan O’Connor believes that explanation doesn’t stack up.

“It is in the public interest to know if the AFP is investigating the role of the minister and her office in the leak and Senator Cash should come clean,” Mr O’Connor said in a statement.

Earlier in the week, a spokeswoman for Senator Cash said there was no suggestion she was the subject of any investigation or referral of information to the prosecutor.

Senator Cash has repeatedly made clear she had nothing to do with alleged unauthorised disclosure of information.

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Sam Poolman’s GWS Giants playing for the Super Netball minor premiership

MOTIVATED: Newcastle’s Sam Poolman, left, in action during the Super Netball this season. She is determined to put out a strong performance this weekend to help GWS Giants secure the minor premiership and a home semi-final. Picture: AAP ImagesSam Poolman has not forgotten how hard it was to make last year’s Super Netball grand final from third spot, nor the pain of then being well-beaten in the decider.

Those memories will drivethe Newcastle defender and herGWS Giants teammates as this weekend, with destiny in their own hands, they host West Coast Fever in a game which will determine the minor premiership.

Fever sit in first place with 70 points and the Giants are one point behind as they prepare to do battle at the International Convention Centre on Saturday night.

For the Giants it is simple –a win and they not only securethe minor premiership but also a home semi-final and the scenario of going straight through to another decider with a win in the first weekend of finals.

But a loss and they could end up fourth, depending on other results.

Five teams, including Sunshine Coast Lightning (63 points), Queensland Firebirds (62) and Melbourne Vixens(57), are still in the mix for a top-four finish.

“We could go from hosting our semi-final to playing off in third versus fourth to try to get into the grand final the long way,” Poolman said.

“There’s a lot to play for, which is why you play sport and it’s exciting.”

Bonus points have been introduced this season, which means teams get four points for a win, two points for a draw and one bonus point for every quarter won.

The Giants picked up a crucial eight points in their 66-56 win over the Collingwood Magpies last weekend to secure a finals berth.

It came after a 14-goal loss to the Firebirds in round 11 then a two-goal win over the Vixens in round 12.

“For the last three games Julie has been adamant with what we’re playing for,” Poolman said.

“We went into Vixens and that game was crucial because that week she was saying,‘If you don’t win this game you’re not going to make fourth’.

“We were top two but we could’ve lost that game and been outof finals.

“Thengoing into the [Magpies] game they worked out we needed 11 points from two games, so that not only creates pressure to win games but you have to get points.

“Because we got the eight points last week it’s put us in a good position, so we don’t have to worry about bonus points now.We just need to win the game, which is a nice position to be in.”

The last time the two sides met, in round six on June 2, Fever won 63-61 and Poolman expected another tight tussle but hoped a vocal NSW crowd could get them across the line.

“We weren’t happy with a loss against them last time,” the Giants defender said.

“Now we’re in a position where we want to play for a home final.We want to host and that adds a little bit more to wanting to win and to want to finish in that place.

“You want to play in front of your fans.You want your family there. You want that advantage and everything that goes with it and that’s definitely what we’re playing for. I think it will be a ripper game.”

The Giants’ match against Fever starts at 7pm.

Enjoying Beer and Mangan over a winter’s lunch

Luke Mangan and Maggie Beer … a great partnership in the kitchen. I’m old enough to remember the days when the Sydney and Melbourne Hiltons first opened in their current guise and ran a clever series of black-and-white half-page ads that tongue-in-cheek mocked the other — and particularly the cultural status of the other’s city of origin.

I don’t know so much about Melbourne but in Sydney the arrival of this quite brash, yet eminently classy newcomer served to totally change the landscape of the city’s accommodation scene.

Sydney suddenly had digs that could comfortably be rated alongside New York’s, London’s and Paris’s best. You could almost hear the Peter Stuyvesant cigarette commercial playing in the background.

But that was more than 40 years ago, and these days the Hilton is very much an established part of the Sydney landscape. Staying at the Hilton is just what the well-heeled do, isn’t it?

The Sydney Hilton … very much an established part of the Sydney landscape. Image: Artur Feraro.

So it’s quite right that the Sydney Hilton’s kitchens should be in the hands of Luke Mangan, one of the country’s best-known chefs, and that its showpiece should be his Glass Brasserie, complete with a splendid view of the historic Queens Victoria Building, even if that view doesn’t stretch down to the city’s fabled harbour itself.

Quite frankly, Mangan is a culinary genius who has proved his worth in the kitchens of places such as Salt, Luke’s Kitchen and Chicken Confidential, and a bevy of cookbooks.

It somehow seems appropriate that Luke has teamed this winter with the Barossa Valley’s Maggie Beer, undoubtedly the country’s best-known cook — she won’t call herself a chef because that implies a level of formal training that she’s never had — to produce a special lunch-time menu in Glass Brasserie.

Maggie Beer’s seville-marmalade-glazed pork belly with verjuice, potato purée and cavolo nero.

The duo are serving up a collaborative winter menuthat features a series of delicious seasonal dishes packed full of fresh, quality produce from around New South Wales and Maggie’s home state, South Australia.

Maggie’s signature dishes including her mustard-pear-stuffed chicken breast with crushed parsnip and jus, made with pears from her orchard in the Barossa, seville-marmalade-glazed pork belly with verjuice, potato purée and cavolo nero, and her cumin-roasted sweet potato and black barley with tahini and Persian feta.

Those with a sweet-tooth can upgrade their experience to include Maggie’s signature verjuice custard with bergamot-braised raisin clusters, from the dessert menu.

Maggie Beer’s verjuice custard with bergamot-braised raisin clusters.

On a recent visit, I tried Maggie’s dishes of pork belly and vanilla custard, plus a small serving of Luke’s mushroom fettuccine, all washed down with a bottle of his signature Yarra Valley pinot noir.

The simple verdict. All delicious thanks, in a gorgeous venue and with an impeccable standard of service.

And if you’re thinking of baulking at the $29 lunch charge, then think of where you are and about who’s been responsible, ultimately, for preparing the food.

You’re having lunch in one of central Sydney’s few hatted restaurants, and your meal has been designed by two of the country’s leading culinary advocates.

The Glass Bar … Luke Mangan’s pride at the Sydney Hilton.

The menu is on offer available Monday to Friday from 12-2pm until August 31. Visit www.hiltonsydney南京夜網.au

Commonwealth Bank to give farmers break

The Commonwealth Bank has bowed to federal pressure and will allow farmers to offset money put away in good times against mortgages.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud welcomed the move on Friday after earlier challenging the bank to offer the measure to help drought-stricken farmers.

Commonwealth Bank will offer a credit adjustment for customers with eligible farm management deposits and business loans.

“I commend CBA on its strength of character,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Yesterday I gave them an uppercut but today they deserve a bouquet. They showed courage and leadership.”

The bank’s executive general manager of regional and agribusiness banking, Grant Cairns, believes the move will give farmers additional peace of mind.

“Our priority is helping farmers who are doing it tough because of the drought,” he said in a statement.

The mechanism allows primary producers to remove money from their taxable income during good years to use during tough times.

Rural Bank, NAB and CBA now offer farmers the ability to have farm management deposits used as offsets against their loans but ANZ and Westpac don’t.

“I hope ANZ and Westpac have announcements coming on this issue,” Mr Littleproud said.

Earlier in the week, the Commonwealth Bank donated $2 million to drought relief.

That includes $1.75 million to the Australian Red Cross’s national fundraising appeal while $250,000 will support charity Rural Aid’s Buy a Bale program.

The bank made nearly $10 billion profit last year.

Mr Littleproud said the message on farm management deposits was sent loud and clear to the banks at a recent drought meeting in Canberra.

But Labor’s agriculture spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon accused the government of inaction on drought since coming to power in 2013.

“I’m tiring of Turnbull government ministers blaming everyone else for the situation we now find ourselves, having done next to nothing over the course of the last five years,” he told AAP.

He has unveiled a drought mitigation policy which uses agricultural research and development corporations to help farmers build defences against climate change.

If Labor wins the election, it would pursue a Commonwealth-state drought relief agreement.

“This is not something that’s going to help a farmer tomorrow or next week or even next month,” Mr Fitzgibbon said.

“But if we’d done this work over the last five years, people would be coping much better with drought.”

Australian Associated Press

Why everyone is talking about Netflix’s Insatiable

PROBLEMATIC: Riley-Rose Harper says while the new Netflix series Insatiable is fictional, the thought processes are real. Netflix is about to release a new TV show called Insatiable.

Before you get excited over a new binge-worthy show, you should know more than 200,000 people have signed an online petition calling for it to be cancelled. That’s a lot of disgruntled internet users, am I right?

The show is a satire, a teenage comedy reminiscent of shows such as Degrassi High or even movies like Mean Girls.

So why are 200,000 people hating on it, describing the show as “fat-shaming”,and even going as far as to say it could induce eating disorders?

Let me explain.The plot revolves around the main character, Patty – or “Fatty Patty” –who’s played by former Disney star Debbie Ryan wearing an unconvincing fat suit.

Fatty Pattygets taunted by your stereotypical bullies and generally portrayed as your stereotypical loser.

So, after she spends a summer with her jaw wired shut due to an injury, she drops a heap of weight, returns to high school with a bangin’ bod and evidently also discovers make-up and hoop earrings. As you do.

Her new found “hotness”prompts her to seek revenge on the people that bullied her and avenge her former “fat”self.

I was never seriously bullied in high school but I definitely know what it’s like to want to change the way you look.

I remember viewing the six-week summer holidays as a prime opportunity to go on a diet and come back to school in January looking completely different.

And yep, this fantasy also involved me walking slow-mo down the corridor of my high school with everyone looking on amazed at me.

Now that I’m a bit older I know that’s ridiculous.

But sometimes, that’s the way the minds of 14-year-old kids work, and the desire to be “liked”or “popular” makes us a bit cray-cray (kids still say cray-cray, yeah?)

Sure, I get this new Netflix show is designed to make us laugh.

But the truth is, Fatty Pattybeing bullied and made fun of because of her size is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in most schools.

The theme of the show echoes problematic thinking that even adults struggle with – that everything miraculously changes when you get thin. Your life will be better and you’ll inherit a sassy little attitude to go with it.

The show is fictional … these thought processes are real.

Who cares about ratings or streams.This series could be damaging, and that’s the premise of the online petition to cancel it.

The fact is, it’s teenagers who are going to watch this show on Netflix and further confirm in their impressionable minds that if you don’t want to be aloser,you can’t look like Fatty Patty.

The online petition itself states: “For so long, the narrative has told women and young impressionable girls that in order to be popular, have friends, to be desirable for the male gaze, and to some extent be a worthy human … that we must be thin.”

This petition is attracting fiercely passionate support, withmothers of those with eating disorders and even dieticians all pleading for the show to be cancelled.

Netflix’s vice president of original programming, Cindy Holland, defended the series saying: “Ultimately, the message of the show is that what is most important is that you feel comfortable in your own self. Fat-shaming itself, that criticism, is embedded in the DNA of the show.”

I totally agree – we should be encouraging people to feel comfortable in their own self.

However, is this plotline really highlighting that?

I signed the petition because this plotline was also around when I was growing up and it gave me a warped sense of popularity.

I signed it because Hollywood needs to stop using ridiculous and unconvincing fat suits. And I signed it because of the kids who might watch Insatiable and question their own sense of self, body shape or popularity.

And if one more signature can potentially move to avoid that, I’ll put my name down.

Insatiablepremieres on Netflix this Friday.

Riley-Rose Harper is a presenter on the Hit Radio Network.

Six highlights in your travel week10 Aug

The National Anzac Centre … helping cement Albany’s reputation as a commemoration centre. A second-passenger-half-price deal is available on a short-break cruise along the Western Australian coast designed to honour the Anzac troops who sailed to the battlefields of Europe during World War I.

The five-night cruise, aboard Cruise and Maritime Voyages’ Astor, will sail round-trip from Perth on January 6 next year bound for Esperance and Albany on the southern coast of WA.

The former whaling town of Albany was the last sight of Australia for 41,000 troops who sailed in convoys of ships to the trenches of Europe during the Great War from 2014-18.

Today it is cemented as one of Australia’s principal commemoration centres of the Anzac legend with an award-winning National Anzac Centre, numerous monuments of remembrance and a new ‘Field of Light – Avenue of Honour’ outdoor light installation open from October to Anzac Day next year.

The installation features 16,000 lights shining in the colours of local wildlfowers.

The cruise features lectures by war historian and author, Neville Browning OAM, who has penned more than a dozen books on Australia’s military history, and also war storyteller and author, Jon Doust, who will recount tales of his own family’s involvement in the Great War.

Fares are available from $1029 per person twin-share, with the fare for a second person half-price at $514.

Phone 1300 766 537 or visit www.cruiseexpress南京夜網.au

Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge … a quintessentially Australian bush-glamping experience.

Idyllically located right on the Derwent River and just 40 kilometres from Hobart, Tasmania’s Truffle Lodge offers a quintessentially Australian bush-glamping experience.

The new luxury eco lodge will open for its second season on September 1, with extended accommodation and communal facilities, a freshly restored beach and an expanded range of on- and off-site experiences and activities.

Additions include a private bush bath, a large shelter for outdoor activities and functions and a line-up of activities for those that are not seduced by the go-slow magic.

The truffiere which had been abandoned and covered in wild blackberry vines is now being nurtured back to life.

Each tent at Truffle Lodge is double walled and triple roofed for maximum comfort and features a handmade wooden bath, rain shower, extra-large deep double beds, a coffee machine, tea-making facilities and a bar fridge.

Rates are from $795 per night per person twin-share, including continental breakfast, self-help lunch, three-course dinner and all activities.

Visit www.trufflelodge南京夜網

‘thar she blows’ … the excitement of spotting a passing whale.

Captain Cook Cruises and Sea Life Sydney Aquarium are offering the ultimate day out for kids and adult marine lovers, with a Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and whale-watching cruise combo, operating daily until October 31 and offering savings of up to $40 per person.

The package starts with a morning visit to one of Sydney’s leading family tourist attractions, Sea Life, in Darling Harbour.

Walk underwater through over 100 metres of glass viewing tunnels and see Australia’s marine life like never before, coming within inches of huge sharks, rays and turtles and watch three different penguin species slip, slide and swim around playfully.

Before embarking on a Captain Cook cruise to see whales in the wild, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about whale migration at Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s on-site activity hub.

In only 15 minutes the fantastic open-water cruise takes passengers from Circular Quay, past the Sydney Opera House, Fort Denison and the beautiful eastern suburbs, before passing through the Harbour headlands and out to the open ocean.

Here the excitement begins as humpbacks are spotted visiting Sydney’s coastline as part of their annual migration.

Captain Cook Cruises offers every passenger a whale guarantee. If a whale is not spotted, passengers can cruise again for free.

The combo is priced at $99 per adult and $69 per child (4-15 years).

Phone 02 9206 1111 or visit www.captaincook南京夜網.au

Jimmy Barnes … doing small, intimate gigs for guests staying at the same resort.

A once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience in one of the most beautiful, and once unaffordable, destinations in the world — the Maldives — has been made totally exceptional by sharing that experience with Aussie musicians staying at the same resort and performing exclusive and intimate gigs at night.

Going to the Maldives is much cheaper than it used to be due to the decreasing price of flights and the entry of more affordably priced hotel chains. Now the Maldives is a popular destination for couples, families, groups of friends and singles as well as honeymooners.

Buy your adventure through The Perfect Wave and enjoy sunshine, white-sand beaches, water as blue as you’ve ever seen, surfing, diving, snorkelling and a fully equipped kids’ club with waterpark during the day … then relax in bean bags on the beach or dance on the sand to Aussie music legends.

Events being sold now are Jimmy Barnes with his family band, including Diesel and Mahalia Barnes, in September this year, and Powderfinger’s Bernard Fanning next April.

Visit www.perfectwavetravel南京夜網

Paro Taktsang temple … in Bhutan, one of the world’s last great Himalayan kingdoms.

Open the throttle on some of the world’s most spectacular roads on the back of a classic Royal Enfield motorbike with a 15 per cent discount on a range of Extreme Bike Tours’ rides in Sri Lanka, Rajasthan and Bhutan.

The discount applies to bookings made before August 31, and includes licensed riders and pillion passengers.

The 15-day Bhutan tour, for instance, takes riders on an adventure through the wide-open valleys and snow-capped peaks of one of the world’s last great Himalayan kingdoms.

Located on the ancient Silk Road, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is filled with ancient monasteries and long-standing forts scattered across the striking landscape once shut-off from the world.

The tour departs from Delhi next April 13 and is priced from about $7975 for riders and about $6540 for pillions.

Each tour includes fuel, meals, accommodation and transfers.

Visit www.extremebiketours南京夜網

Scenic’s Mekong … a range of earlybird options includes fly-free.

Scenic’s new 2019/2020 South East Asia program features an extended portfolio of cruising through Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar on board the all-balcony Scenic Aura and Scenic Spirit.

These 68- and 44-guest vessels have a staff-guest ratio close to 1:1 and are claimed to be the most luxurious vessels sailing the Mekong and Irrawaddy.

Scenic’s signature Enrich experiences also provide a point of difference, offering exclusive opportunities and special moments not available to the ordinary traveller, such as the Angkor Temple Gala Dinner in Siem Reap.

Scenic offers a range of earlybird options available until October 31, including a fly-free deal when booking any Mekong journey of 13 days or longer, or any Myanmar journey of 14 days or longer.

Scenic’s 13-day ‘Treasures of the Mekong’ journey from Ho Chi Minh City to Siem Reap is from $7495 per person twin-share.

Phone 138 128 or visit www.scenic南京夜網.au

Eagle Kennedy battling hairline fracture

West Coast appear increasingly likely to be without Josh Kennedy for the next two matches as the star forward deals with another hairline fracture.

But Liam Ryan will make his first AFL appearance since his mysterious car crash when he lines up in Sunday’s western derby against Fremantle.

Kennedy missed last week’s loss to North Melbourne after copping a knee to the shin from a teammate at training, and he’ll also miss the derby.

Coach Adam Simpson says Kennedy’s injury is similar to the one he suffered in the round 13 loss to Sydney.

Kennedy missed three matches after that first injury, and he faces a race against time to return for next week’s crunch match against Port Adelaide.

The 30-year-old still hasn’t returned to training. Instead, he’s been doing work on the anti-gravity treadmill and in the gym, as well as some light laps.

“He’s getting better. The next week or two we’ll hopefully see him back,” Simpson said.

“We’ve just got to get him right. However long that takes, we’ll give him.”

Simpson said it was unlikely anything could have been done to avoid Kennedy’s latest injury.

“I’m assuming that because it’s happened twice, it may be a little bit more vulnerable around that area,” Simpson said.

“But I don’t think it’s a long-term problem for us.”

Ryan was handed a club-imposed two-match AFL ban after crashing his car into a tree early on July 2.

But Ryan will make his AFL return against the Dockers after a solid display for WAFL side East Perth last week.

Police are yet to release a report on Ryan’s car crash, but Simpson felt the time was right to recall the goalsneak.

“We’ve got a fair indication of where things are at. When we get the full report, we’ll announce it,” Simpson said.

“He had his indiscretion that we dealt with. We’re comfortable with his penalty.”

Simpson will consider throwing defender Tom Barrass up forward against the Dockers to help plug the gap left by Kennedy.

All-Australian defender Jeremy McGovern is another option Simpson will consider in attack.

Luke Shuey and Lewis Jetta join Ryan in the side.

Dom Sheed, Jake Waterman, and Jack Petrucelle were all dropped.

Fremantle made five changes to the team that copped a 59-point hammering from Hawthorn.

Matt Taberner, Hayden Ballantyne, Mitch Crowden, Brady Grey and Cam McCarthy return.

Cam Sutcliffe goes out with a hamstring injury, while Taylin Duman, Tommy Sheridan, Stefan Giro and Scott Jones were axed.

The Eagles sit in second spot on the table, but could drop to fourth if they suffer a shock loss to Fremantle.

Australian Associated Press

Six highlights in your travel week3 Aug

Be immersed in the India’s ancient principles … taking time out at Ananda. Feel the spirit of India and be immersed in the country’s ancient principles of wellness and wellbeing on a 16-day fly-cruise-and-stay holiday featuring a seven-night cruise along the sacred Brahmaputra River and a week-long stay at Ananda, a luxury spa at the foot of the Himalayas.

Cruise Traveller has released the deal in partnership with an Indian river cruise company, Adventure Resorts and Cruises, featuring 46-guest river ship, MV Mahabaahu.

Highlights of the seven-night cruise include a safari of the Kaziranga National Park which is famous for the great single-horned Indian rhino as well as wild elephants, tigers, buffalo and exotic birds, aromatic Indian cuisine, and views of the 7000-metre-high Himalayas.

The stay at the Ananda includes healthy organic cuisine, spa and lifestyle activities such as daily yoga and meditation?, use of hydrotherapy facilities, and a trek to the top of Kunjapuri mountain to see Kunjapuri Devi Temple, one of India’s most revered, ancient places.

The adventure is priced from $17,795 per person twin-share, which includes a saving of $530 person if booked by August 31.

The price incorporates flights with Singapore Airlines from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth plus domestic flights in India, cruise excursions and a night in each of Delhi and Kolkata.

Phone 1800 507 777 or visit www.cruisetraveller南京夜網.au

The huge Mekong River … lifeblood for those living along it.

Backyard Travel has combined Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam into a 14-day journey that traverses vibrant cities, ancient ruins, rural villages and spectacular natural landscapes.

Its ‘Rivers, Roads and Ruins’ begins in Bangkok with a full day of urban exploration in the Thai capital.

Next it’s off to Cambodia, travelling overland through Thai countryside to enjoy the charms of sleepy Battambang and explore the Angkor temples in Siem Reap.

After a couple of days seeing the sights in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh, travellers make their way to Vietnam via the Mekong River, cruising over the border to Chau Doc.

From here, the journey continues along the river, passing by colorful towns and floating markets, and exploring back canals to catch a glimpse of local daily life.

The tour ends in Ho Chi Minh City with a full-day private guided tour.

Visit http://www.backyardtravel南京夜網/

Kuélap … a fortress believed to have been built between 600 and 900 years before Machu Picchu.

From August 30, Peru’s remote Chachapoyas and Kuélap will become more accessible, with domestic airline LC Perú announcing direct flights between Lima and Chachapoyas every Thursday and Sunday.

These new flights will give much greater opportunity to maximise time marvelling at the ancient fortress of Kuélap, and learning about the ‘Cloud Warriors’ who inhabited the area centuries ago.

Chachapoyas is a remote Peruvian city known as the Gateway to Kuélap, which is considered by many to be the ‘Machu Picchu of the north’.

The fortress of Kuelap is believed to have been built between 600 and 900 years before Machu Picchu and is both larger and on a higher mountain than its famous southern counterpart, with over 550 structures on the site.

Phone 1300 575 752 or visit eclipsetravel南京夜網.au.

Roger Federer … on Rottnest Island during his last visit to Western Australia.

One of the world’s greatest tennis players, Roger Federer, will return to WA to compete in the Mastercard Hopman Cup 2019, which will run from December 29 to January 5.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion will once again pair up with Belinda Bencic for Team Switzerland to defend their 2018 title.

Players joining the duo will include the German team, and 2018 runners-up, current world number three Alexander Zverev and two-time Grand Slam champion and former world-number-one Angelique Kerber.

At the 2018 tournament at Perth Arena nearly 5700 fans viewed Federer’s open practice session with Australia’s Thanasi Kokkinakis.

Federer has won the past two Australian Open titles after beginning his season in Perth.

Ticket packages for the Mastercard Hopman Cup 2019 are now available via Ticketek. Sportsnet Holidays is offering travel packages starting at $389 per person.

Visit www.westernaustralia南京夜網.

New holiday opportunities … for example, dinner at dusk at Alice Springs Telegraph Station.

The 2019/20 season marks a new era for Australian rail holidays, with the formation of Journey Beyond, a consortium that owns and operates a suite of iconic experiential tourism brands — Cruise Whitsundays, Rottnest Express and Great Southern Rail, operators of The Ghan, Indian Pacific and The Overland.

In 21 itineraries, guests can explore beyond the tracks, combining their rail adventure with other experiences such as swimming with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef, flying over Lake Eyre, admiring Kakadu’s waterfalls, and wining and dining on Kangaroo Island.

Step off The Ghan and get lost in ancient storytelling in the Red Centre or enjoy a luxurious stay at Wolgan Valley having travelled on the Indian Pacific.

Alternatively, navigate the Australian coastline on a cruise ship or float over Alice Springs in a hot-air balloon.

The 2019/20 holidays collection is fully integrated and features overnight stays through to 21-night expeditions.

Visit www.journeybeyond南京夜網.au

Tasting, tasting, tasting … a quartet enjoy working their way through winning entries in the Sydney Royal Wine Show.

For lovers of fine wine it is truly a once-a-year opportunity.

The Grape, Grain & Graze Festival, formerly known as the Sydney Royal Wine Experience, will be held from 2pm to 6pm on the Saturday afternoon of August 11 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

Not only does the Grape, Grain & Graze Festival allow visitor to taste this year’s Sydney Royal award-winning wines, beers and ciders, but also to find out, during face-to-face tutorials, why they were the choice of the experts.

Plus there’s the show’s award-winning food and music to match.

Each of the 2300 wines judged in the annual KPMG Sydney Royal Wine Show just days earlier will be on offer, as will beer and cider medallists awarded by industry experts in the Sydney Royal Beer and Cider Show, allowing ticketholders to make their own judgements.

Single tickets cost $90 plus booking fee, double passes $164 plus booking fee.

Admission charge includes a Riedel Ouverture glass, unlimited tasting of show entries, access to the Trophy Room with five tastings, access to the Beer & Cider Garden with two beer/cider tasting paddle vouchers, access to grazing stations that include a huge array of Sydney Royal award-winning products, guide and catalogue, and attendance at masterclasses.

Visit www.rasnsw南京夜網.au

Hunter mother jailed for a maximum of 25 years for filming three children being abused

Newcastle courthouse. A HUNTER mother who filmed herself sexually assaulting her three young children and sent the videos to paedophiles in the hope it would please themand get one man, who she referred to as “Daddy”, to fall in love with her, has been jailed for a maximum of 25 years.

The woman, who cannot be named because it would identify her three children, appeared in Newcastle District Court on Friday for sentence after pleading guilty to seven counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a person under the age of 10, which carries a maximum of life in jail, and one count of possession of child abuse material.

Judge Phillip Mahony took into account a number of other serious offences,including using a child under 14 to make child abuse material and disseminating child abuse material, when he jailed the woman for a maximum of 25 years, with a non-parole period of 17 years.

The woman, who once provided a character reference for fellow inmate and convicted serial killer Kathleen Folbigg,will be eligible for parole in March, 2033, while the total sentence doesn’t expire until 2041.

The court had heard thatpsychologists who assessed the woman had been left uncertain as to the real reasons why she had sexually assaulted her children and then uploaded the videos online.

Defence barrister Rebecca Suterssaid her client was motivated by a “desire to please” the men she was communicating with online. One of those men, referred to in text message exchanges as “Daddy”, described himself as a “pedo” (sic).

The woman had the idea that “that person would love her and want to be with her as a result of what she was sending him,” Ms Suters said.

The sexual assaults spanned more than two-and-a-half years, but the woman stoppeda few months before she was arrested in 2016.

It was around that time that an international hunt was being launched after US-based Interpol officers discovered the videos on a paeophile website. After identifying an accent and contacting the Australian Federal Police, the global search ended in the Hunter with the mother’s arrest.

Sharks finally ready to roll out best 13

Wade Graham is among the big names back this weekend for Cronulla against Manly.Cronulla are on the verge of trotting out their strongest starting 13 for just the second time this season with Josh Dugan on track to return from a leg injury against Manly on Sunday.

The Sharks have endured a horror run of injuries this year, with Dugan, Paul Gallen, Wade Graham and Luke Lewis each having spent a significant amount of time on the sidelines.

Dugan hasn’t played for the Sharks since round 12 due to a stress fracture in his left leg.

The 28-year-old was named on an extended bench for the Sharks earlier this week but has got through training fine and is now expected to return in either the centres or on the wing, with Valentine Holmes set to keep his spot at fullback.

Sharks coach Shane Flanagan has also confirmed expectant father Wade Graham will join Dugan at Southern Cross Group Stadium on Sunday, after missing last week’s loss to Brisbane with a rib injury.

“Wade is back, Duges is back,” Flanagan told reporters on Friday.

“As long as Wade’s partner doesn’t decide to have the baby on Sunday afternoon everything should be good

“We probably could have pushed Wade to play last week but with the baby and an injury concern going into the tail-end of the season, a week just gave him the opportunity to get over the injury and he will be good to go.

“Josh has done everything he needs to do. He trained well last night. (He’s) got a captain’s run to get through, but touch wood he’ll be there.”

The last time the Sharks fielded such a strong side was in round six against St George Illawarra, where they lost Graham, Gallen, Lewis and Andrew Fifita all to injuries in their 40-20 defeat.

They’ve still manage to be sixth headed into the run home, but Flanagan has long spoken about the exciting prospect of having a number of his players fresh at the right end of the season as something of a silver lining.

“It’s really important the next phase for us, that we can win possibly five-from-five and get into that top four,” he said.

“We’ve had our moments within games but haven’t put 80 minutes together but hopefully it’s coming.”

Australian Associated Press

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